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Creating a Process-driven Sales Culture

process-driven-imageThe paradigm shift from IT product selling to solution selling in the last 5 – 7 years has completely transformed the industry. But not all organizations have gone through the required transformation to accommodate this shift, in terms of how they run their business. Consider the impact of these realities on the management and administration of your sales effort:

Product Selling Solution Selling
More Focused on: Brand, industry reputation and promotional efforts of the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Experience and acumen of sales and pre-sales (engineering) team to apply a complete IT solution for a business pain point.
Sales Cycle is: 0 – 6 months 6 – 18+ months
Need for Ongoing Lead Nurturing: Minor Significant
Sales Forecasting is: Fairly easily to manage with the right CRM Becomes more complex even with the best CRM
Key Messaging for Sales Efforts: Fairly Straightforward; can rely heavily on OEM provided marketing assets Multi-faceted if based on lead scoring and/or position in the sales pipeline (depends on accurate and timely CRM notations)
Closing Strategies are: Often come down to pricing, along with pre-established relationship More complex and often require buy-in from top/line management as well as IT management


TSRI senior sales management consultants are experienced in working with a broad range of channel partners across the US and Canada, from venture-funded startups to well-established, mature firms. With our 360-degree view of IT channel marketing, we can assist you with:

  • Re-engineering your lead management and lead nurturing processes
  • Establishing more accurate sales pipeline reporting, ROI projections and sales rep accountability
  • Creating a life-cycle new business continuum that begins with target market intelligence and ends with CLOSED new business
  • Identifying triggering events to organically grow existing accounts
  • Reviewing and making recommendations for your sales compensation model
  • Evaluating and making recommendations regarding your sales and marketing resources

A transformation like this does not happen by itself and can be implemented more quickly and effectively by an experienced outside resource like TSRI. Take advantages of our decades of IT channel sales/marketing expertise to re-position your company for exponential success. Contact Us today.