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Expert Call Center Solutions from TSRI:
High Value for Your Clients; Seamless Integration for You

expert-imgToday, most agencies – whether digital, creative, marketing/sales or event-focused – like to stay lean and mean in order to preserve precious profit margin. That means relying on specialized resources that they can bring to the table as needed, based on client demand. In addition, agencies tend to be “out in front” in terms of the virtual work environment, slashing the unnecessary costs of “brick and mortar” and tapping into tremendous benefits of the cloud.

TSRI shares that same philosophy, which is why we are the ideal partner for progressive agencies who need expert and affordable call center solutions that can be quickly deployed and scaled to meet your clients’ demands.

Whether you are an external agency or an internal department responsible for sales, marketing or customer service, having access to a Partner like TSRI Call Center Solutions can be a powerful addition to your marketing arsenal.

Call Center Solutions – both inbound and outbound –  can be used in a wide range of industries and sales/marketing/ communication efforts, such as:

  • Technology and other B2B services (appointment setting, warranty reminders, cross selling, etc.)
  • Healthcare (plan enrollment assistance, patient surveys, provider recruitment, etc.)
  • Market Research (phone surveying)
  • Insurance/Financial Services (appointment setting)
  • Conference/Event Planning (participant recruitment, post-event lead follow-up)
  • Service Industries (service reminders, post-sale satisfaction survey)
  • Political campaign management (polling, surveying)
  • Non-profit/Philanthropic organizations (donation solicitation, public opinion surveying)

Today’s Agencies Can’t Just CREATE Campaigns; They Must MEASURE Them
TSRI’s Call Center Solutions Makes it Easy

ROI. At the end of the day, that is what your agency is expected to deliver. But traditional agencies typically just focus on creating and managing campaigns, leaving the all-important task of lead/customer follow-up AND ROI measurement to the client. The most strategically sound and creative campaign can end up being categorized a failure if the client fails to do proper follow-up and ongoing ROI measurement. And regardless of where the process broke down, it is likely the agency that is held responsible.

The $10.9 Billion Question:
Why Do Companies Fail to Follow up on their Event/Trade Show Leads?

In its “Communications Industry Forecast 2004-2014,” Veronis Suhler Stevenson projects that trade show spending will reach $15.63 billion in 2014, which will make it larger than the predicted combined total of e-media spending ($8.03 billion) and print ad spending ($6.36 billion). Yet, year after year, the reported percentage of leads that do not receive follow-up hovers between 70% – 80%. This is despite the fact that 86% of marketers say that they attend trade shows for the primary purpose of generating leads. Read our Top Ten Ways to Maximize Your Trade Show ROI.

It is NOT a lack of effort that leads to poor ROI measurement; it is often a lack of data. Or more to the point, the absence of a robust lead management and ROI reporting tool that is the problem. Equally important are skilled and dedicated call center/telesales professionals whose job it is to diligently follow-up on every potential lead, document all activity at every touch point, and manage the process throughout the sales cycle. TSRI Call Center Solutions provides all of that.

Why Choose TSRI as Your Call Center Partner?

Founded in 1996, TSRI first established a strong foothold in the technology sector, providing demand generation and telesales solutions to major manufacturers, distributors and resellers up and down the IT channel.

Since then, we have expanded our horizons, bringing telesales/call center solutions to other major vertical markets including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, national trade organizations, among others.

Whether to support the sale of a product or service, provide a “human extension” to an online transaction, or monitor customer satisfaction, our “best of breed” telesales solutions combine proven methodology, caller quality and a powerful infrastructure to produce winning, measurable results for our clients, campaign after campaign.

Business Professionals, Not Telemarketers

TSRI does not hire traditional telesales/telemarketing professionals; instead we recruit individuals with strong subject matter knowledge and sales experience gained from working within various industries. That means that our callers have the business experience and acumen to fully understand the campaign messaging and the organizational environment in which they are conducting their calls.

A comprehensive and thorough Training and Certification Program keeps our telesales professionals up to speed on market and business trends/topics and each team of callers is thoroughly trained on every specific account or campaign to which they are assigned. Each caller is required to participate in weekly classes as part of the process, take quarterly tests, and participate in both roundtable discussions and caller/prospect role play.

Virtual Call Center Environment

The benefits of a virtual call center environment over a traditional “brick and mortar” operation starts with the lower costs. Not having the overhead that comes with a physical call center means that we can provide high quality solutions at a substantial value.

But the benefits don’t end there:

  • Our nationwide virtual call center environment allows us to draw from vast caller recruitment pool, which helps us meet our stringent hiring criteria and be able to match callers with certain campaigns based on regional dialect, vertical market experience, etc. We even have affiliates overseas (i.e., Israel and India) that can provide international and/or language support.
  • Given that we have callers from coast to coast, our U.S. based call center runs from 8 a.m. EST to 8 p.m. PST.
  • Without the confines of physical locations, we are able to rapidly scale our virtual infrastructure and quickly deploy a call center solution, even for the largest and most labor intensive accounts.

TrackonIT®: TSRI’s Virtual Call Center Application

The foundation of our virtual call center is TrackonIT®. This cloud-based data/lead management system allows TSRI management and clients to monitor caller activity on a real-time basis, 24/7. Its unique technology also allows us to capture data from a variety of sources, including telemarketing, web forms, direct mail, event registrations and more. Leads flow directly into the system in real time and are fully indexed for robust search capability. As leads are entered, they can be automatically assigned to internal reps or other departments, with email notifications to alert them to the new opportunity, question or issue. As leads are followed up, a journal of activity is maintained for each opportunity, with areas for reps to provide valuable feedback, set callbacks and more. Managers can track the progress of every lead and evaluate user activity, introducing increased accountability and transparency into the sales and/or customer service process.

This robust application provides us with all of the management controls typically associated with a “brick & mortar” call center, combined with the cost efficiency, recruitment flexibility and high caller standards for a truly remarkable telesales operation.

To Learn more about TrackonIT, click here.

Make the Call and Let Us Begin a Partnership with You

Need more convincing? Consider these advantages:

  • Having an experienced call center partner who can support your efforts – whether marketing, sales, customer support, event follow-up, etc. – allows you to quickly deploy a telesales component to supplement your agency’s core competencies.
  • Our High Quality/High Value Solution can create a strong profit source for you, without having to commit additional internal resources for the ongoing management and implementation process. You can leave the work to us.
  • Our robust lead management/ROI reporting system, TrackonIT® provides 24/7/365 access to real-time lead activity, including current and projected ROI by campaign, region, sales team, etc.
  • We can offer our services to you under a “White Label” package (where we will be representing ourselves as part of your agency) or work with your client under the TSRI brand, whichever you choose.

Whether you are an external agency or an internal department, TSRI Call Center Solutions can seamlessly integrate with your operation, providing a high quality, end-to-end call center solution at an affordable cost.

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