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FOCUS ROI: TechTarget/TSRI Alliance Creates Powerful New Lead Generation Programs

“Synergy” is defined as the interaction of two or more forces that creates a combined effect that is greater than the sum of its parts.  The Focus ROI Lead Management Program is a perfect illustration of that principle.

Created as a joint venture between TechTarget – an award-winning integrated media company – and TSRI – industry leading technology sales/marketing experts – the Focus ROI Program is a highly targeted, integrated effort which leverages the best practices of these two powerhouses for the benefit of IT partners and participating manufacturers.

And the results speak for themselves:  participating IT solution providers have been seeing immediate, quantifiable ROI and substantive opportunities to add to their sales pipeline.

It is one of the reasons why global enterprise solutions provider, OnX, keeps coming back.   Paul Stancil, OnX marketing manager, comments, “With any demand generation program, the bottom line is always the quantifiable results – not just how much ROI you have generated but also how quickly it has been realized.  This program is far and away the most successful thing we’ve ever done in terms of both of those categories.”

After sponsoring four TechTarget seminars in Houston, Phoenix, Toronto and Cleveland at a total cost of $54,000 ($13,500 per event), the company has 63 qualified leads, 38 appointments scheduled to date and $360,000 in booked pipeline, with lead nurturing/follow-up calling still in process.  “Our interaction with the TSRI team has been seamless,” comments Stancil.   “They have been a pleasure to work with.  We have ‘clicked’ at each step along the way.  But it’s the hard numbers that we are most excited about.  This program is a winner.”

The One-Day Event Sponsorship is only one of the three packages that comprise Focus ROI.  Clients can also choose an online Expert Content Sponsorship or a Private Dinner Event/ Presentation.  Each leverages the reach and credibility of TechTarget’s 100+ sponsored web communities along with the proven results of TSRI’s lead management/telesales services.

And each creates an outstanding opportunity for partners and their participating manufacturers to get their message in front of highly qualified prospects with active, budgeted projects.

“Any marketing program should be considered an investment, rather than an expense,” commented TSRI Managing Partner, Rick Meares.  “It’s much easier to view a program like this in those terms, because of the immediate payback we’ve been seeing for participating partners.  It has to be one of the best programs in the industry right now in terms of ROI, based on the actual results we have been able to generate for our clients.”

A partnership of two industry leaders that not only puts you front and center with qualified prospects, but is demonstrating great return on investment for its sponsors….. Now, that is synergy at its best.

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