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Information Technology (IT) Sales Leads

Acquiring technology sales leads is basically no different from acquiring sales leads in any other field. It all starts with a qualified prospect list. In the IT field, however, what gives you the edge over your competitor is a prospect list built on a solid understanding of the IT industry, as well as its product and service needs.

At TSRI, we give you that edge. We specialize in IT sales leads, and we do the research for you. That means your sales staff can spend its resources on retaining existing clients and acquiring new ones. For certain sales functions, such as generating technology sales leads, it simply makes more sense – from an efficiency and cost-savings standpoint – to outsource.

TSRI technology sales leads take your reps straight to the source – CIOs, CTOs, IT directors and other key decision makers. Your sales reps won’t waste their time – or your money – on gatekeepers or dead-end leads.

We realize that every time one of your sales representatives picks up the phone to contact one of our IT leads, our business reputation is judged. Our reputation – and your business – are important to us. That’s why we take extra steps to ensure that our leads are solid.

The TSRI Approach to Information Technology (IT) Sales Leads.

When it comes to IT sales leads, we get it. And we get it right. We tailor our lists to match your company’s specific sales objectives. We do more than just hand you tech sales leads; we develop a comprehensive sales strategy for your company:

  • Data gathering – We meet face-to-face with your staff to gain in-depth knowledge about your products/services, your target audience, and your competition.
  • Continued support – We are available for consultation at every stage of the sale pipeline.
  • Analysis and follow-up – We analyze the success of our technology sales leads to determine where there is room for improvement.

How many times have your salespeople complained of getting the cold shoulder when making a cold call? It’s a fact. IT prospects can be a tough sell. Our proven lead-generating strategy, combined with your sales staff’s expertise, is the two-pronged approach you need to boost sales – and ultimately the bottom line.

At TSRI, we understand the snowball effect on the sales cycle. With our technology sales leads, your salesperson is one step ahead of the competition, knowing the TSRI list is a reliable one. After each successful sales pitch, morale is boosted. Increased confidence results in more sales. And it all starts with qualified IT sales leads from TSRI.

TSRI technology sales leads are qualified buyers ready to meet with your sales team. One call to us can make thousands of calls easier for your sales staff.

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