Introducing TechTorch®: TSRI’s Total Outsource Marketing Solution | TSRI

Introducing TechTorch®: TSRI’s Total Outsource Marketing Solution

Introducing TechTorch®:  TSRI’s Total Outsource Marketing Solution

There comes a point in a small to mid-sized company’s maturation and growth when the need for a more sophisticated approach to marketing is realized.  That realization often takes shape in the following questions:

  • How do I allocate my marketing budget to satisfy both long-term as well as short-term objectives?
  • Why do we look and sound like every other IT company out there?  How are clients supposed to know what is unique about us?
  • How do we take advantage of manufacturers’ marketing subsidy funds but still be able to create and maintain our own brand identity?
  • Do clients/prospects REALLY understand the business benefits of our IT solutions or are we getting stuck in our own “techno-speak”?
  • Is it really necessary to develop different marketing materials for the different vertical markets that we serve?

Answering these types of questions requires a strategic dialogue about how your company is currently approaching marketing and how it may need to evolve in order to create better results.  If you do not have a seasoned marketing professional on staff, it makes sense to call on the expertise of an outside resource to guide this type of discussion.

Consider TSRI as a candidate for that role.

Expertise from all Corners of the Technology Channel

TSRI brings together veterans who have worked in all corners of the technology channel – manufacturers, distributors, VARs, agencies, list services, etc. – creating a team that can bring a 3600 perspective to any IT sales or marketing effort.

The TechTorch Total Outsource Marketing Solution is designed to help Partners create an overarching strategic direction for their marketing efforts, tied to business goals and objectives.  This includes an analysis of product/services offerings, key messaging/creative positioning, vertical market strategies, budget development and management, program development/implementation and ROI analysis.

“Once a Partner reaches a certain critical mass and becomes focused on taking their company to the next level, they need to take a more strategic approach to marketing, “explains Keith Mintzer, TSRI founding partner and head of the new TechTorch team. “TechTorch is an ideal solution for companies who do not want to bring a high level marketing pro on staff full-time but need access to that type of expertise on an ongoing basis.”

NYC-based IT Firm Steps up their Game

One IT firm based in New York City had recently made the decision to send out a request for proposal (RFP) to various marketing agencies after realizing the need for a more comprehensive marketing resource.  TSRI was awarded the contract.

“They were really the perfect fit for us,” explained the firm’s president.  “Their vast experience in channel marketing and intimate understanding of how to best leverage MDF funds from our various partners were really the key.”  After developing a marketing plan for 2012, TSRI presented a new creative and messaging strategy for the company, and is now in the process of implementing various initiatives that are either fully or partially funded by its manufacturer partners.  These include a new capabilities presentation and sales collateral, along with a series of webinars on today’s more timely IT topics.

“The fact that TSRI can provide not just the strategic direction, but also the tactical execution of such a broad range of programs, is what sets them apart,” explains the firm’s president.  “They operate like a department in our own company and truly have a partnership mentality when it comes to their role.”

Ready to Learn More?

Not sure if the TechTorch Total Outsource Marketing Solution is the right fit for your marketing needs?  Allow us set up a consultation to discuss your current marketing initiatives and offer suggestions as it how it can be ignited for greater success.

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