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Information Technology (IT) Telemarketing

At TSRI, we have mastered the art of technology telemarketing. Actually, IT telemarketing is both an art and a science. And our expertise reflects both ends of the sales spectrum.

Technology telemarketing is an art in the sense that the caller must possess more than a basic knowledge of the IT industry. The telemarketer also must have the ability to truly “connect” with the prospect on the other end of the line. Technology telemarketing is a science as well, requiring statistical research, a well-documented strategy and measurable objectives.

TSRI’s telesales professionals bring you the best of both worlds. Our skilled staff provides seamless execution of the IT telemarketing function. Your sales prospects will be impressed by the knowledge and professionalism of your sales staff. That’s because our telemarketers are trained to function like an in-house department.

Companies like yours use technology telemarketing for many purposes:

–      to conduct research
–      to launch new sales initiatives
–      to follow up with potential clients after tradeshows
–      to renew client contracts

Why outsource your IT telemarketing? Many telemarketing departments – and technology telemarketing is no exception – face the challenge of high turnover rates. By outsourcing this function, you won’t waste resources on training and retraining telesales staff.

The key question is why outsource your IT telemarketing to TSRI? We are results-oriented with a proven track record. We efficiently gather data, generate sales leads for you, and turn cold calls into closed deals.

Information Technology (IT) Telemarketing – the TSRI Difference.

Traditional telemarketers – particularly in IT telemarketing – invest the minimum time required to achieve the desired result, whether it’s to develop a new lead or close the deal. They focus more on quantity than quality, moving on to the next call like an assembly line.

At TSRI, we focus on both short- and long-term goals. In doing so, we achieve both quality and quantity. We know that technology telemarketing is as much about relationships as it is closed deals. You look at the lifetime value of a customer, and so do we. Our telemarketers fully engage prospective clients. We use several “touch points” to begin a dialogue and establish a rapport with your prospects and customers. We stagger these contacts over a one-month period, starting with an initial call, then a targeted email, followed by another call.

With TSRI IT telemarketing services, your prospects and customers will be contacted by a real person. TSRI does not use auto-dialers or canned scripts. Our telesales professionals have a strong knowledge of both technology as well as the targeted vertical of their assigned campaign.

TSRI technology telemarketing creates more than just sales leads and sales for you. We create lasting business relationships.

For IT telemarketing qualified sales leads, call TSRI now at 877-639-7252.