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TSRI Video Messenger

Humans learn and absorb information in different ways.  Some prefer to read, others prefer to listen, and still others are visual learners.  So it would stand to reason that to have your best chance of getting a message through to the highest percentage of people, you would employ all three approaches.

Enter the TSRI Video Messenger®.   This technology breakthrough combines the intrigue of a dimensional mailer, with the added “wow” factor of an embedded LCD screen which plays a prerecorded video when opened. The experience engages the recipient’s visual, auditory and tactile senses, along with the written word for the natural readers among us. And study after study has shown that it virtually blows away all other methods of marketing and communication in capturing the attention of recipients.

  • Dimensional mailers with imbedded video have shown recall rates (recipient recalls receiving the package) as high as 98% and a message recall rate (recipient recalls pertinent details about the message) of 78%.  This compares to an average of 1 – 2% recall/response rate of traditional direct mail, according to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA).


  • A study by the Wharton School of Business (University of Pennsylvania) found that a well-produced video increases information retention by 50% and speeds up buying decisions by 72% over a print brochure.


  • Related industry research has shown: o 94% of viewers will pass a video mailer along to a friend or associate o Viewers are 6 times more likely to respond to an offer for more information o 97% of consumers want videos on products or services instead of brochures or print ads o 40% of prospects who watched a marketing video watched it with other professionals. In cases where the tape was sent to non-buyers, 50% passed it on to the right person in their company.

The TSRI Video Messenger features a 3.5” (or 2.4”) flat LCD screen that can display up to 5 minutes of hi-definition video with crystal clear sound.   It arrives with enough battery charge to play 15 times but is fully rechargeable (a USB cord is included in the package) which helps ensure a long shelf life and/or multiple views.

While the TSRI Video Messenger is obviously be more expensive than a traditional direct mail piece, its proven high rate of effectiveness can translate into an outstanding return on investment, particularly on high cost purchases (such as technology solutions).

If you want to break through the clutter on even the busiest executive’s desk, consider the TSRI Video Messenger for your next targeted marketing campaign.  For more information, Contact us today.