Turn-Key Seminar Program | TSRI

Turn-Key Seminar Program

In an effort to help Partners create new client demand for HP solutions, TSRI is partnering with Tech Eloquent, to provide a turnkey seminar series for the IT audience. The content has been developed for two audience tracks – Channel Sales and End Users – and will focus on Cloud Computing and Converged Infrastructure. Additional topics can also be developed.

These interactive workshops can be delivered in a traditional seminar, targeting 12-15 qualified attendees, or by webinar. All attendees/prospects will be tracked for follow-up and ROI via TSRI’s web-based lead management system, Track on IT®.

The program includes:

  • Speaker Fee Cost of the presenters, the polling technology and travel expenses.
  • Invitation, Registration and Web Page TSRI will create an e-mail invitation, an event registration page and an event web page for each participating Partner. TSRI will work with the partner to customize the e-mail to reflect the details for this event.
  • Attendance Generation TSRI has a wealth of experience in outbound calling campaigns to assist in generating attendance for events. For these events, we will conduct 1,000 dials with 3 call attempts per prospect and will provide follow-up calling to event no-shows at 7 dial attempts per prospect.
  • List Services TSRI will research a list and provide up to 350 names for use in the calling effort and for sending the event invitation.
  • Reporting A documented summary report will be created for each event that will contain valuable information captured by polling technology.

Price: Call for pricing