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Need Appointments? Hit “Accelerator!”

Since 2005, TSRI has utilized a hybrid marketing program – combining telephone/internet research, direct mail, incentive marketing and telesales services – as a super-charged appointment setting strategy.  Known as Appointment Accelerator, this program has historically generated exceptional results for our clients and is considered one of our flagship programs within the TSRI FastTrak Sales and Marketing Portfolio.

If it Works, Keep Doing it!

OneSource Document Management, an Oklahoma City HP Partner, recently completed their fifth Appointment Accelerator program with TSRI.  “The most recent campaign provided 15 appointments (from an original list of 100 prospects) with an estimated ROI of over $100,000 in business,” said Richard Merrill, Director of Sales. “Plus, we anticipate closing another 100K in business over the next 90 days.“ Richard is also quick to point out that the process is as good as the results.  “We enjoy the one-on-one relationship with our TSRI Account Manager and  the timeliness of response and support received has been great.  Leads and appointments are easily managed and we receive all the detailed information needed for a smooth transition to our internal sales team.”

What’s Involved

The Appointment Accelerator Program begins with customized research based around either a list of companies that you want to target, or a set of parameters for the list development.  TSRI’s List Services  team conducts outbound web and phone research to identify the ideal purchasing contact for your solution.

Our marketing team crafts a personalized sales letter focusing on the technology “pain point.” The letter refers to the incentive  gift that the prospect will receive upon completion of the appointment.  The incentive is designed to spur action – to set up a 1:1 appointment and the special gift is then delivered upon completion of said appointment.

The package is sent via an expedited two-day delivery (usually FedEx) which  creates a sense of urgency and sets the package apart in the recipients’ inbox.

After 24 hours, TSRI telesales professionals start calling the prospects to remind them of the package and attempt to schedule an appointment for your sales team.

Through a combined passive and active telesales approach, our Appointment Accelerator programs generate between a 10% – 15% appointment rate – a significant improvement over the average direct mail response rate of 1% – 5%.

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