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New K-12 Promotional Opportunity

Strict Digital Testing Standards will Require Educators to Upgrade Student Computing Devices

Are you poised to capitalize on the sweeping digital testing standards that will take effect before the 2014/15 school year?

As you may already be aware, the mandate for digital standardized testing is an urgent issue in the K-12 market, and smart technology partners are already formulating sales/marketing programs focused on new hardware purchases that many institutions will require to accommodate both the technical AND security requirements of these Federal mandates.

Background of the new Digital Testing Standards

First launched in April 2009, the K-12 Common Core State Standards Initiative was conceived to identify and develop college- and career-readiness standards that address what students are expected to know and be able to do when they have graduated from high school.

Since the Federal Government released the final version of these standards in June 2010, 46 states plus the District of Columbia (see below) have designed and developed “next-generation” testing/ assessment models to measure student learning aligned with the Common Core standards. Two organizations (PARCC and SMARTER Balance) have been awarded $330 million in DOE grants to assist states in the transition to digital testing.

Both organizations have recently released technical standards for digital testing that take into account established education security standards (which requires that any wireless and blue tooth connection be disabled during testing). While Apple has been making significant headway in gaining market share within the K-12 arena, it is noteworthy that iPads (among other computing devices from competing manufacturers) do not easily accommodate hard-wired accessories (i.e., stylus, keyboard, etc.) That positions other OEMs (including HP with its Elitebook and Elite Tablet Line) to quickly capitalize on Apple’s lack of standards readiness with products which better accommodate both digital testing technical requirements as well as standard K-12 security requirements.

What this Means for You

If you are a technology partner that serves the education sector, you have a significant market opportunity to bring a complete solution to a school district, state college system, or any private educational institution as they prepare for this important technical transition. That includes not only recommendations for student computing devices that meet these standards, but also related services such as wireless networking, network security, software and professional training/development.

Many manufacturers (such as HP and Microsoft) have already set-up marketing subsidy programs to help fund promotional efforts surrounding digital testing standardization. In addition, TSRI has developed special marketing campaigns specifically around this initiative which have already been generating impressive results for technology partners throughout the country.

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