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NYC Seminar Series Hits a Home Run

The legendary Keen’s Steakhouse, venue for A series of Unified Communication events hosted By NYC-based IT solution provider, brightstack.

Brick and mortar events have become less commonplace as webinars and live simulcasts have increased in popularity.  But nothing beats the ability to be face-to-face with your prime prospects and “break bread” while you present your company’s unique programs and solutions.

NYC-based technology reseller, brightstack (with a small “b”) decided that a lunch and learn workshop was the right approach to present their unified communication solutions offered in conjunction with ShoreTel.  “We knew we were facing a challenge in getting busy IT executives to travel to midtown Manhattan in the middle of the workday,” said brightstack president, Lou Person. “But we felt with TSRI’s experience in audience acquisition and event planning, we had a lot of chips in our favor.”

The legendary Manhattan bar/restaurant, Keen’s Steakhouse, was selected as the venue, inspiring the event theme of “Steak Your Claim” to Unified Communications.  Three separate lunch & learn workshops were held between mid-February and the end of March, 2012.  The target prospect list included C-Level Executives, IT Directors/Managers of mid-sized to enterprise level companies primarily in Long Island, Manhattan and selected NY and NJ counties.   In addition to sourcing and/or cleansing the prospect list (brightstack provided their own target list which TSRI supplemented with an additional 250 prospects which were sourced based on brightstack’s prospect profile), TSRI was responsible for developing the email invitation, email reminder, audience acquisition calling, and a post event email (thank you or sorry you couldn’t attend).  Follow-up calling and appointment setting was handled internally by brightstack’s sales team.

All three events exceeded the goals established in advance.  “We were hoping to get at least 20 attendees at each event,” explained Lou Person.  “At the first luncheon, we ended up with 27 attendees and at the second, the attendance was 25, which we were more than pleased with.  But it was third event where we really blew it out of the water, with a total of 38 attendees.”  And with an industry average ratio of registrant to attendee ranging from 30 – 50%, it was noteworthy that the first event had a 78% ratio, which created a momentary “standing-room only” situation until the restaurant was able to set up additional tables and chairs. “Not a bad problem to have,” said Person with a smile.

Many more events are planned for the future, both “brick and mortar” as well as webinars, each co-sponsored with a different vendor/manufacturer.  “With this kind of success under belt, it is a lot easier to go to various vendor partners and ask for support funding,” Person commented.  “And with TSRI’s expertise in our corner, we expect the same great results in the future.”