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Online Video Packs a Powerful Punch

Video is a powerful medium; it gives you the ability to communicate in ways that are just not possible with the written word alone. Video offers a multi-sensory experience, combining sight, sound, color, and music along with digital animation and graphics. And marketers are discovering that there is no better way to educate, motivate or persuade an audience. Just consider these statistics:

  • It’s projected that video will account for 90% of online traffic by 2014
  • Video increases information retention by 50% and speeds up buying decisions by 72%.
  • While the average time a person spends on a website is 48 seconds, that time increases to 5 minutes and 50 seconds when there is a video present.

And while it’s true that much of this trend is being driven by the consumer market (B2C), the preference for video consumption has also crossed over to the B2B market as well.

Executive Decision-makers Prefer Video

In a joint study of online video use by C-level executives conducted by Forbes Insights and Google, the growing preference for video over text alone is well documented.

  • 75% of senior execs watch work-related videos at least weekly
  • 83% have increased their viewing over the last year
  • More than half share videos with colleagues at least weekly
  • 65% visited a vendor’s website based on a video
  • 42% made a business purchase decision based on a video
  • 59% prefer video when the same material is available in either print or video

The study notes that younger executives – born and raised in a digital world – appear more inclined not only to view video, but also to create it and share it over the business-oriented “social” Web. As the ranks of this “digital generation” continue to grow within corporate America, business-related video is predicted to become even more prevalent in the coming years.

Getting on the Video Bandwagon: Good All Around

In addition the popularity and preference of video as a source of information, there are very strong advantages to employing video online to boost your website’s SEO value. A home page with video is FIVE times more likely to land on page one of Google for an appropriate (and properly tagged) keyword search. Plus, email blasts with embedded video have shown to have as much as a 96% click-through rate (compared to the industry average in B2B of 3% to 4%, according to

Even more reason to consider adding video to your online marketing arsenal. TSRI offers a wide range of video production options, from studio-based, paid spokesperson presentations, to interview-style formats with company representative and/or clients.

Please contact your TSRI Relationship Manager to discuss your options or email us and someone will be in touch with you shortly to jumpstart your online video efforts.