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Sales Training: “Laying Down the Tracks” for More Successful Results

TrainEven the strongest locomotive cannot reach its destination without a track to run on.  And likewise, the most natural sales person can rarely succeed without an established and consistently executed sales process.  Taking it one step further, a sales team that is not following the same procedures and “speaking the same language” when it comes to sales forecasting, “percentage closed,” etc., will never live up to its potential when it comes to selling success.  In contrast, establishing and maintain winning sales strategies through a professional sales training program is like laying down the tracks.  And now your “locomotive” has direction, a pre-determined destination and distinct milestones along the way.

The ROI of Sales Training

Many people do not think of training as offering a strong return on investment, but nothing can be further from the truth.  Sales training can provide an immediate and long lasting ROI, and may in fact be one of the most important investments you can make in your company’s success.  One independent study conducted by Motorola and reported in the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) magazine found that for every dollar the company spent on sales training, it earned $29 in profit.  How many other sales/marketing programs can boast a 2,900% ROI?

Cost of Inadequate or Poor Sales Training

Adding to the economic impact of sales training, is the ability to eliminate hits on your bottom line that result from poorly trained reps.  First consider the cost of wasted staff time (a rep making $65,000 a year but is only performing at 50% of his/her potential translates to over $42,000 in wasted compensation if you factor in an additional 30% of salary for taxes and benefits).  Then add in the cost of lost business opportunities and revenue which can be substantial.  You can begin to see the potential for significantly increasing your company’s growth and profitability through an effective sales training program.

TSRI’s Portfolio of Sales Training Programs

TSRI has been able to provide clients with immediate impact on their sales team’s performance through sales training.  EVERY TSRI training program is customized to the learning style, vertical markets and solution set of the partner, and can be conducted on-site or virtually (via video conferencing).  It is also important to note that sales training programs can often be funded through manufacturer marketing subsidy dollars (check individual programs for applicability).

In addition to the regular course instruction, TSRI training courses may also include:

  • Coaching for increased individual sales performance
  • Establishment of clear sales metrics and forecasting models with sales managers
  • Development of specific solutions/product messaging for sales team
  • Learner Pre-Training Survey (to allow us to address specific needs)
  • Custom Post-training Test & Certification
  • Recorded sales training program to allow for ongoing reinforcement of key points

The director of sales & marketing at a Pennsylvania-based IT reseller offers this feedback after a TSRI sales training program:  “The entire TSRI experience has been very valuable for us. The sales training was immediately effective in increasing our pipeline and caused our sales team to be more cohesive and proactive in their efforts. We found especially useful the opportunity as a team to role play the most effective approach before going into the appointments.”

A sales training program in conjunction with a demand generation campaign will provide exponential results.  If you would like to learn more, please Contact Us today.

TSRI’s Sales Training Programs:  Fully customized to Partner’s Unique Needs

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