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Lead Management Nurturing

Few things are more frustrating than identifying a sales lead, and then watching it die on the vine because of the lack of timely follow-up.

Closed Loop ServicesThe fact is that few leads arrive at your door “sales ready” and prepared to close. More often than not, a lead needs to be nurtured through constant follow-up, so that when the prospect is sales ready, your rep will be there, contract in hand.

Lead nurturing is tedious work, and even the most aggressive sales rep can be neglectful of leads that are on the front end of a long sales cycle. That’s why TSRI offers its Closed Loop Lead Management Services – allowing you to maximize the potential of EVERY lead you acquire and helping your sales reps focus on what they do best – presenting and closing imminent sales opportunities. Our suite of services create a true “closed loop” sales process to make sure that no lead will ever slip through the cracks again. It provides an added layer of expert “stewardship” for all your leads – from tradeshows, telesales, internet campaigns, etc. – to ensure that proper follow-up, nurturing, appointment setting and ROI reporting are being done on a consistent, real-time basis.

TSRI’s Closed Loop Lead Management Services Include:

  • Lead Nurturing/Appointment Setting – We will do follow-up calls on those leads that require attention over a period of 3-12 months. We’ll make regular calls to the prospect (something most sales reps forget to do) to keep you top-of-mind and to uncover sales-ready opportunities.
    When such an opportunity is identified, we will schedule appointments for your local partner or assigned sales rep.
  • Vendor Portal Lead Management – Leads provided through a vendor portal can offer outstanding potential, but are often overlooked. TSRI will access leads through a vendor portal on behalf of a channel partner and make up to 5 call attempts and/or email contacts to qualify the lead and set appointments. We will update the vendor portal with all pertinent activity throughout the process.
  • TRACKonIT® – Our proprietary lead tracking solution empowers our clients to track leads and opportunities across all their campaign initiatives. The TrackonIT solution enables sales lead recipients to update their lead and appointment opportunities and potential pipeline, allowing collaboration with other constituents including sponsoring vendors and distributors.
    TRACKonIT can also integrate with most major CRM solutions for complete lifecycle pipeline management. Learn More
  • Virtual Lead Manager – We can assign a TSRI manager who will provide hands-on management and tracking of your leads, even calling the individual sales reps, if needed, to get updates on each lead generated from the campaign. Making sure no lead slips through the cracks, the virtual lead manager will compile the data in TRSI’s proprietary lead tracking software (TrackonIT®) to provide you with regularly scheduled and real-time updates.

And Finally, Accurate Real-Time ROI Reporting

Each quarter, you spend thousands of marketing dollars for demand generation, but do you know the results? A true analysis of campaign success is not just the number of leads generated. You should also be able to determine, at any given point:

  • The amount of closed business to date;
  • The number and value of proposals are in the hands of your prospects;
  • The status of pending opportunities/future sales potential to be realized.

TSRI’s Closed Loop Lead Management Services can take the guess work out of lead tracking, giving you accurate data on what really closed, what’s pending and what’s still a possible opportunity by campaign, by channel partner, by sales territory, etc.

How to Learn More

Click here or call our sales team today at 877.639.7252 ext. 83) to learn how our Closed Loop Lead Management Services can bring incremental sales opportunities to your organization.