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Audience Acquisition/Event Support

Event SyndicationIT executives are inundated with invitations for events hosted by manufacturers and their channel partners. Determining which ones are worth their valuable time to attend is a complex decision based on a wide range of factors.

TSRI has “cracked the code” in creating events that generate strong attendance. Our strategy reflects the understanding the attendees are looking for:

  • Interesting, timely topics presented in…
  • Unique, exciting venues with…
  • Incentives to attend
  • Opportunities to bring a friend or colleague and
  • Arrangements that respect their personal/professional time commitment.

So rather than hosting an event in a traditional outlet such as an office or hotel conference room, we recommend more unique and attention-grabbing spots such as sports arenas, sporting venues (i.e. golf range, country club, and indoor batting cages), popular restaurants, or locally-publicized events.

We help you build an agenda that will achieve your business/sales goals, while maintaining your attendees’ interest and recognizing their attention span.

Other “best practices” that we employ:

  • Understanding Geographic Barriers – Based on the length and nature of the event, partners should ideally target prospects within 60 minutes travel time to the event (accounting for local traffic or mass transit needs). Once that time factor has been exceeded, prospects are less likely to register and less likely to actually show up. Partners have been able to overcome this barrier by turning workshops into multi-day summits, in which the partner provides hotel and dining accommodations for the prospect and a guest.
  • Bring a Friend/Colleague – By allowing the qualified prospect to bring a guest (either a colleague for a half-day workshop, or a spouse for an overnight summit), attendance rates will go up. By making the event fun and feeling less like “work,” the prospect is more likely to make the event a priority.
  • Incentives for Attendees – Once a qualified prospect registers for the event, the partner needs to continue to make the event exciting, answering the question, “Why must I go?” By letting qualified registrants know of incentive gifts being given at the event (i.e. Apple iPod Shuffle, golf putter, etc), there’s added reason why the prospect will make every effort to attend.

Once a winning event concept is developed, TSRI can also assist with:

  • Venue selection and coordination
  • Seminar/Webinar content development
  • Securing subject experts for speakers
  • Purchasing custom-imprinted attendee incentive gifts