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Audience Acquisition

Audience AcquisitionAudience Acquisition is by far the most important element of event management. TSRI manages all aspects of this crucial phase including:

  • List development,
  • Print or electronic invitations,
  • Telesales follow-up, and
  • On-line registration

List development can be a combination of an existing prospect database, new list acquisition based on a specific geographic region, vertical market or current IT infrastructure.

TSRI is highly skilled at researching and developing targeted audience lists. Before any funds are expended on audience acquisition activities, TSRI will insure that you are targeting the right individuals and companies.

Event Invitations can be created in either print or electronic format (or both). For smaller events, attention-getting overnight packages can be highly effective. For large lists, e-invitations are cost effective and flexible.

Telesales Follow-up to Invitation: TSRI has a wealth of experience in outbound calling campaigns to assist in generating attendance for events. For a typical event targeting a list of 300 – 350 invitees, we will conduct 1,000 dials with 3 call attempts per prospect.

Online Registration: Today, nothing can beat the convenience of online registration. TSRI can set up a registration landing page that provides event details and an accompanying form to register online.

Pre-Event Reminders: Once a qualified registrant agrees to attend, ongoing communication is critical. TSRI will assist in sending out reminders/invitations and notices of incentive gifts qualifications, and making follow-up calls 1-3 days before the event to avoid losing attendees who “forgot about it.”