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Information Technology (IT) Trade Show

In 2010, U.S. businesses spent close to 20% of their annual marketing budgets – $26.44 billion* – on trade shows and other “in person” events. An incredible amount of effort goes into the planning and preparation for these events. Despite this, there’s comparatively little effort that goes into the critical post-show lead follow-up.

More than half of trade show exhibitors enter their event without a clue how they will actually collect, process and then follow-up on the valuable leads generated from their event. Year after year, the reported percentage of leads that do not receive follow up hovers between 70% – 80%. And too often the little lead information that is recorded is inaccurate or even incomplete, making it difficult to impossible for the sales representative to more forward with confidence.

This sorry “disconnect” is despite the fact that 86% of marketers say that they attend an information technology (IT) trade show for the primary purpose of generating leads! And that studies show that leads generated from a trade show are five times more likely to turn into an appointment versus leads obtained via cold calling.

Are Your Technology Tradeshow Efforts Paying Off?

Ask yourself: How does my company’s Technology tradeshow and other in-person event marketing programs stack up to these industry averages? If your answer to that question is “not sure,” then you are part of yet another industry statistic: 54% of technology trade show exhibitors do not set objectives, and a much larger percentage has no formal process to either measure, report or quantify their technology trade show event ROI.

Given that the cost of a typical information technology trade show is considerable (factoring in registration fees, giveaways, booth rental/other exhibitor fees as well as the cost of staff time away from the office), it only makes sense to develop a strategy to increase your return on investment.

The TSRI Approach

Your best strategy is to hire an experienced firm to handle your IT trade show/event lead follow-up, and there is no firm more experienced in the IT sector than TSRI.

At TSRI, we understand the critical dynamics to technology tradeshow follow-up. With our programs, you get:

  • Time sensitive telesales follow-up with customized messaging
  • Program management with TrackonIT®, our web-based lead management solution that provides lifecycle prospect tracking with 24×7 access to active campaigns
  • List management filters which enable us to streamline the process by eliminating duplicates and unqualified prospects
  • Experienced telesales professionals who participate in ongoing training and development programs
  • Weekly project reviews with dedicated project team
Our IT Trade Show results speak for themselves.
  • We consistently post contact rates between 75% to 86%
  • Our contact-to-lead conversion is as high as 60%
  • 1 out of 7 leads convert to an appointment
  • Many of our clients see results within 48 to 72 hours after program launch

Don’t continue to let your investment in information technology trade shows and other events yield little to no return on investment. With TSRI’s timely and proactive follow-up management programs, we can help you reverse industry trends by generating real and immediate ROI from your Technology Trade Show or other in-person marketing effort.

Consider TSRI’s IT Trade Show/Event Lead Follow-up Program and watch your results multiply exponentially.

TSRI IT Trade Show Follow-up Program Overview

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