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Post Event Follow-up

Post Event Follow-upAs part of TSRI’s suite of Closed Loop Lead Management Services, we work diligently with partners to captures all pertinent information following an event for both attendees and “no shows.”

Our proprietary lead tracking solution – TrackonIT® – can be utilized to track leads and opportunities arising from each event as well as across all other partner sales initiatives.

The TrackonIT® solution enables sales lead recipients to update their lead and appointment opportunities and potential pipeline, allowing collaboration with other constituents including sponsoring vendors and distributors. TRACKonIT® can also integrate with most major CRM solutions for complete lifecycle pipeline management.

In addition to following up with attendees to access their purchasing timeline and when appropriate, to set appointments, our process typically provides follow-up calling to event no-shows at 7 dial attempts per prospect. All activity and correspondence is captured through TrackonIT® allowing for convenient, real-time ROI reporting at any time.

TSRI’s Closed Loop Lead Management Services can take the guesswork out of lead tracking, giving you accurate data on what really closed, what’s pending and what’s still a possible opportunity by event, by campaign, by channel partner, by sales territory, etc.