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TrackonIT®: TSRI’s Virtual Call Center Application

track-imgThe foundation of our virtual call center is TrackonIT®. This cloud-based data/lead management system allows TSRI management and clients to monitor caller activity on a real-time basis, 24/7. Its unique technology also allows us to capture data from a variety of sources, including telemarketing, web forms, direct mail, event registrations and more. Leads flow directly into the system in real time and are fully indexed for robust search capability. As leads are entered, they can be automatically assigned to internal reps or other departments, with email notifications to alert them to the new opportunity, question or issue. As leads are followed up, a journal of activity is maintained for each opportunity, with areas for reps to provide valuable feedback, set callbacks and more. Managers can track the progress of every lead and evaluate user activity, introducing increased accountability and transparency into the sales and/or customer service process.

This robust application provides us with all of the management controls typically associated with a “brick & mortar” call center, combined with the cost efficiency, recruitment flexibility and high caller standards for a truly remarkable telesales operation.

By providing clients with these intuitive data mining and reporting tools, TrackonIT allows them to get quick snapshots in key areas:

  • Find out instantly which leads are being followed up on (and which are not)
  • Using TSRI’s proven business rules, establish a standard practice for reporting lead probability and forecasting sales performance
  • Determine which campaigns are generating the most qualified leads and closed sales to help pinpoint the most profitable programs
  • Generate a variety of custom and predefined reports, including sales forecasts, and email them to other team members
  • Download highly targeted mailing lists of decision makers for seminars and direct mail campaigns

Since TrackonIT is delivered through a subscription-based Cloud platform, our clients can enjoy significant cost savings, since there is no need to invest in hardware, software or consultants for implementation. TSRI’s telesales staff uses TrackonIT to compile lead activities, thereby allowing clients to receive a complete populated database of contacts and activity at the completion of any calling campaign.

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