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Demand Generation/Appointment Setting

IT Demand Generation | IT Lead Generation | Technology Lead GenerationIT Demand Generation for your products and services is a multi-dimensional process that often occurs over a period of months, even years. IT solutions are often one of a company’s largest expenditures and decisions regarding technology enhancements or upgrades are not made lightly.

Technology Lead Generation… to pique interest and create demand for your company’s technology products and services at every stage of the sales pipeline.

IT lead generation can too often reach a brick wall with many sales force teams reluctant to make “cold calls” or “waste” their time and resources following up on what they may consider tentative leads at best. As a result, many of today’s technology firms choose to enhance their inside sales effort by outsourcing outbound calling, IT lead generation and other technology lead generation efforts. TSRI have partnered with hundreds of companies throughout the country, providing highly-efficient and cost-effective technology lead generation solutions, customized to our clients’ unique selling environments.
We take a consultative approach to all our customers. Whether you are a SMB or large enterprise, we can help you find new business opportunities for your products and services across most major verticals. And, as a full-service agency, we can offer you a wide variety of marketing services to complement our lead generation efforts.

The TSRI IT Lead Generation Process:

We’ll design and launch an individualized outbound sales campaign to seek out interested, targeted and qualified sales prospects to bring new opportunities into your sales pipeline through the following key steps:

  • Gain Client Knowledge – Before a Technology Lead Generation campaign begins, our team meets with you and your sales staff to gain an in-depth understanding of your company, your products/services, your target markets and the unique aspects of your selling environment to help identify niche technology sales opportunities for future sales efforts.
  • Develop Customized Campaigns – Our marketing team crafts a customized marketing campaign, including a client overview, product summary and call script – all essential elements to make outbound technology lead generation campaigns successful.
  • Secure Qualified Prospect Lists – We work with your team to select a list of prospects that will generate a maximum result, providing you the best return for your investment. This can be accomplished through existing lists, third-party research lists or TSRI custom-generated research. Our lists will be completely tailored to your company’s specific objectives, targeting C-level executives, IT directors and other key decision markers.
  • Create Web-Based Tracking – Using our custom web-based solution, TRACK on IT®, you’ll have access to real-time lead information. Designed exclusively for IT sales organizations, TRACK on IT® streamlines the IT lead generation process by efficiently delivering the functionality IT salespeople need without the burden of hard-to-understand screens or superfluous functions found in many other similar applications.
  • Schedule Client Review – We review the campaign with our client and, if desired, run test calls for the client to better understand their needs and desired talking points.
  • Provide Ongoing Support – We continue to keep you in the loop with weekly calls to review the campaign results, identify strengths and weaknesses, and make changes as needed.