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TSRI offers the Lowest “Cost per Appointment” For HP Partners

There are many external companies that can be hired to “set appointments” for your sales reps. Most charge for their services “by appointment” and those fees generally run between $750 and $850 an appointment. However, It is important to note here that most firms do not differentiate between an appointment and a qualified (make bold)appointment, which generally means that the prospect is in a decision-making position and has the appropriate budget available to support a potential sale.

TSRI’s Closed Loop Services creates QUALIFIED appointments at a cost between $140 and $560, based on the source of the lead:

What is the Average ROI for a New Client Relationship?

As an HP Partner, you instinctively know that a new client relationship is worth more than just the initial project that may be assigned to you.

The value of an account over time is based on the quality of work that your company delivers and how well you successfully “grow” the relationship. But it is also a function of the quality of the initial lead that turned into the client relationship.

Here are the real dollars and cents of that statement: