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Technology Sales Training | IT Sales TrainingA successful technology sales program starts with a well-trained sales staff. Not only do IT sales reps need to have an in-depth understanding of the products and services they are offering, they also need to possess well-honed sales skills to master the art and science of “process selling.” TSRI’s Technology Sales Training will provide the IT sales training your sales reps need to turn prospects into clients.

Technology Sales Training is done to ensure that your sales reps have the interpersonal, time/process management and technical skills to excel in today’s sophisticated IT sales arena.

TSRI will teach your reps the advanced selling skills they need to close more deals for you. We’ll show them:

. how to deal with rejection
. proven techniques to overcome sales call reluctance
. logical ways of breaking down the sales effort into implementable steps
. how to create business value
. ways to network for leads
. secrets of negotiating with management

Each TSRI Professional Development and Technology Sales Training package is designed to transform every one of your sales reps into a “personal selling machine.” This requires a combination of technical, interpersonal and time management skills. Our goal is to provide real-life skills that can be applied to actual sales situations that your sales professionals face every day. Your sales reps will speed up the selling cycle as they employ TSRI tactics that will improve their communication techniques, help them find qualified buyers (and not just qualified prospects) and then position a Technology Sales Solution that addresses their pain points.

Any of the following IT Sales Training packages can be custom-designed for the unique needs of your company:

◦    Intro to Process Selling – The workshop takes participants through the essential elements of prospecting, qualifying, presenting and closing, providing tips and suggestions to expedite the process and overcome client objections that can often interfere with completing deals (Half or Full Day Workshop) Read More

◦    Selling Professional Services – Designed for sales teams accustomed to exclusively selling hardware, this workshop provides the techniques to present, bid and close deals for professional consulting services (Half or Full Day Workshop) Read More

◦    Telephone Skills for Selling IT Solutions – In just one day, our Telephone Skills workshop teaches your inside sales staff how to effectively use the telephone to secure new opportunities with prospective customers (Half or Full Day Workshop) Read More

◦    TSRI Sales Academy – Designed for multiple, full-day programs, TSRI’s Academy takes participants through all facets of the IT sales process. The sessions blend practical skills and activities to reinforce Technology Sales Training as well as personal strategy sessions to help each salesperson achieve new and more challenging goals. (Two or Three Day Workshop) Read More

◦    Managing the Enterprise Network Solutions Sales Process – Designed to enhance IT sales opportunities for network solutions to targeted mid market segment.  The session will review: Critical elements in the sales process that can make the difference between closing the deal and being the “runner-up” Read More

IT Sales Training For Today’s Economy

In a very competitive business environment, attracting and retaining clients requires an efficient proactive sales process. TSRI helps clients cultivate long-term new customer relationships to build a predictable revenue pipeline for incremental growth. Our process enables salespeople to more accurately predict the outcome and time frame to close a deal, referencing both anecdotal and quantitative milestones in the sales cycle. Read More

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