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Introduction to Process Selling

Introduction to Process SellingA solid foundation into the aspects of process selling enables salespeople, sales managers, and support staffs to more clearly understand and recognize the four essential components to process selling. The workshop will take participants through the essential elements of prospecting, qualifying, presenting and closing, providing tips and suggestions to expedite the process and overcome client objections that can often interfere with completing deals.

Topics include:

  • Recognizing opportunities in SMB and vertical markets
  • Demand generation and prospecting
  • Developing benefit statements and making the most of your first 30-seconds
  • Qualifying leads into prospects
  • Making a client-centered presentation
  • Recognizing and countering client objections to close the deal

Time management and account management strategies will be reviewed to empower sales professionals to make most efficient use of their time. Total workshop time is 6 hours.

Process Selling Role Play Workshop

As a means to reinforce “Introduction to Process Selling,” TSRI offers the Process Selling Role Play Workshop. The program is a one-day, highly-interactive boot camp-style session focused on sales presentation skills. Each participant will engage in both individual and group sales presentations. The course objective is to give the salesperson an opportunity to build fluid communication skills, enhance their company presentation and overcome anxiety when speaking before a client team.

The session will focus on the following:

  • Presentation planning
  • Setting objectives and goals for the presentation process
  • Planning for one-to-one and group presentation sessions
  • Honing your open benefits presentation
  • Reinforcing your sales presentation delivery skills
  • Optional floor-day follow-up session, where a TSRI trainer returns to reinforce role-play activities

Total workshop time is 6 hours.

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