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TSRI Sales Academy

TSRI Sales AcademyWhen your organization has made a commitment to a long-range sales enhancement, TSRI’s Sales Academy lays the foundation for such growth. We custom design two or three-day workshops that provide in-depth training complemented by activities and follow-up sessions to ensure each participant learns and integrates the strategies into their daily practice.

  • Establish life-cycle professional development and certification program for sales organizations
  • Work with client to establish formalized sales process and predictable forecasting process
  • Selling value-added services
  • Enhance sales process by implementing effective time management techniques
  • Improve the presentation skills of your sales staff
  • Leveraging professional services to building incremental business in addition to hardware

Typically, the sales academy combines the most popular facets of our sales training programs, including process selling, time management, salesperson action plans and selling professional services. Follow-up sessions include round-table discussions and optional sales certification exams. However, each academy is structured in conjunction with the client to ensure it meets with their long-term goals.

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