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New sales opportunities are the building blocks for a thriving and successful sales pipeline. It’s something that every sales manager can agree upon. However, convincing their sales team to prospect daily and generating success from such internal efforts can often be less than rewarding.
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Appointment Accelerator Puts You in Front of Prospects

Looking for a unique way to get your sales team in front of decision makers? If face time is what you're looking for, TSR's Appointment Accelerator Campaigns are the ideal and low-cost solution.

TSR offers a hybrid marketing strategy that combines telephone/internet research, direct mail, incentive marketing and telesales services. The objective of this unique strategy is to get the client the maximum number of appointments with qualified prospects from the targeted companies.

TSR has executed incentive campaigns tied to the following HP solutions:

  • RISS Storage
  • Server/Storage Consolidation
  • SMB Business Protection Services
  • Identity Management
  • High-End UX Servers
  • Security and Business Continuity

We provide you with pre-screened, qualified leads and contact appointment information, allowing your sales team to focus on making presentations and closing the deals. Our team collaborates with you to help develop the scripts and qualification criteria, as well as coordinate our reporting efforts to integrate with your firm’s sales force automation system, when available.

Previous campaigns have generated 20% appointment rates. We say "appointment rates," not "contact rates" which some vendors may use to over-inflate the results. TSR speaks with, and schedules the actual appointments for your sales team. In doing so, they are successful in finding the pain points so your sales team can focus their presentation accordingly.

What You Get With Our Appointment Accelerator Packages

  • Custom Research to Identify Targets – just provide us a list of the companies you want to pursue, or the parameters for the ideal firm. We’ll conduct outbound web and phone research to identify the ideal purchasing contact for your solution. At the end of the campaign, this new database of contact information is yours to keep
  • Customer Crafted Collateral – our marketing team crafts a personalized sales letter focusing on the technology pain point. The letter refers to the special gift enclosed and encourages them to take an appointment to receive the full gift
  • Teaser Gift – we will include a “teaser” item to peak their interest, ranging from a earphone for their new iPod to a case for their new iPAQ, or photo paper for their new HP Photo Printer
  • Overnight Mail – we send your piece via Federal Express 2-day mail to attract attention and give extra emphasis to your message
  • Inbound Call Center – our callers receive and schedule appointments when prospects call to book an appointment to receive their gift and learn more about your services
  • Outbound Lead Generation – After 24 hours, we start calling the prospects to remind them of the package and attempt to schedule an appointment for your sales team. Through a combined passive and active telesales approach, we are typically able to generate a 20% appointment rate for this scope of service.

A single fee includes all of your costs for the campaign, with the exception of the actual incentive giveaway. As resellers, you have access to an array of promotional items (from printers to iPAQs and Satellite Radios which can serve as ideal incentive gifts).

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