Sales solutions in today's economy
In today's economy, it's no longer possible for companies to rely solely on referrals for new business development. Each day, competitors are knocking at your clients' doors. TSR helps breaks down the sales barriers for you and make the right introductions.
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In a very competitive business environment attracting and retaining clients requires an efficient proactive sales process. TSR will help clients cultivate long-term new client relationships even if there is a change in your sales force. The objective is to help your firm build a predictable revenue pipeline for incremental growth by formalizing their sales process. 

Our process enables salespeople to more accurately predict the outcome and time frame to close, referencing both anecdotal and quantitative milestones in the sales cycle will help the Customer Relationship Management solutions enhance sales, forecasting, marketing, and customer support.

With over 50 years of combined experience in technology sales among multiple verticals, TSR's consultants can aggressively develop strategic business partnerships to expand sales opportunities within your channel. Unlike partnerships developed solely for publicity purchases, TSR nurtures such relationships with strong expectations, partner training and ongoing account maintenance to meet planned objectives.

An Array of Services to Meet Your Sales Needs

Our diverse team of sales and marketing experts has been successful in providing tactical solutions that impact the bottom line. Having worked across many verticals, including high tech, education, finance, biotech, healthcare, legal and government, we can customize a solution that meets your objective while often reducing your capital investment in staffing and miscellaneous resources.

  • Due Diligence/Sales Review
    A senior member of our team will visit with your field sales staff, review sales forecasts, examine short and long-term goals, and create a report that details the strengths and weaknesses of your organization. In addition, the report presents an action plan to give you step-by-step proactive measures to enhance your sales efforts.
  • Sales Process Implementation
    For firms whose sales team lacks regimented forecasting and reporting, TSR helps integrate proven processing selling techniques into their day-to-day activities. During the engagement, our consultants will help develop weekly sales forecasting with improved accuracy, provide support to turn cold leads into stronger opportunities, and re-organize your sales team to maximize their time utilization skills.
  • Quota and Compensation Plans
    Our team takes a no-nonsense look at your existing quotas and comp plans, helping to develop a new, more cost-effective solution that gives your sales team the incentive to remain aggressive and build incremental business.
  • Channel Sales
    With access to our large network of resellers and distributors, TSR can help create or expand your firm's channel sales program, helping to bring about new sales opportunities without having to hire massive sales teams.
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