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In today's economy, it's no longer possible for companies to rely solely on referrals for new business development. Each day, competitors are knocking at your clients' doors. TSR helps breaks down the sales barriers for you and make the right introductions.
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If sales executives has learned one thing as a result of the era, it's that "today's major brands are born with publicity, not advertising" (The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR). Marketing is, and remains, a vital component of effective technology sales. When used as a tool and resource to accompany proven marketing techniques and sales professionals, they help close the deals. However, marketing departments have been drastically cut or eliminated in many firms today in light of the dwindling economy. 

TSR helps firms overcome their financial limitations and yet meet their marketing needs with a comprehensive outsourced marketing department. Staffed by a team of writers, designers and web developers, TSR can generate everything from a single sales product sheet to an entirely new sales campaign collateral kit. Our team can also assist with the redevelopment of your everyday sales material, including proposals, presentations and trade show planning. 

Our in-house public relations staff, with more than 15 years experience, can also help you craft short and long-term media relations campaigns to promote your new successes to the media. Our ultimate goal is to give you just the right visual impression when meeting with the decision makers.

Please inquire about some of our recent engagements, or ask to speak with one of our creative department managers to discuss your firm's marketing needs.

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