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New sales opportunities are the building blocks for a thriving and successful sales pipeline. It’s something that every sales manager can agree upon. However, convincing their sales team to prospect daily and generating success from such internal efforts can often be less than rewarding.
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What Can You Expect from a Campaign?

How many leads will we get? How much business will we close? How can we measure the ROI for TSR’s services? They’re valid questions, and ones we strongly feel you should ask when exploring sales initiatives. All too often, marketing and sales tactics are repeated without thought to performance or feasibility, such as advertising and trade shows. With TSR, however, we not only deliver lead opportunities in your market, but also offer you a way to track leads to ensure every opportunity is pursued and that a true ROI analysis can be conducted.

Leads are shared with our clients via TRACK on IT, our web-based lead tracking system. Here, you can assign leads to individual sales staff, monitoring progress to ensure leads never slip through the crack. Plus, the system allows you to measure the results of particular campaigns, determining which tactics yield the greatest performance.

Demand Generation Results

The chart and table below detail both the call campaign results and closed sales opportunities achieved by an major VAR in the northeast, targeting a server migration campaign to companies in a major metropolitan area. Fifteen months after completing this campaign, the partner has added four clients to its roster and has provided both migration services as well as ancillary technology services to them on an increasing level since the campaign was completed.

Telesales Campaign Results – 3 month engagement

Total Calls Placed

2,205 calls

Number of Contacts
with Decision Makers

355 contacts

Percent Contacted 16%
Number of Qualified Leads
Passed to Client
36 leads
Percent of Leads 10%

To date, nearly $600,000 in technology and professional services have been sold to new clients generated as a result of this campaign. These leads closed between 6 and 15 months after the conclusion of this specific campaign. They include:

  • A 1,000 seat financial security firm, generating $100,000 in sales

  • A 400 seat law firm, generating $125,000 for migration services

  • A division of a global electronics manufacturer, generating $350,000 in services

  •  A $5,000 migration assessment for a national nonprofit, leading to a migration engagement

These four clients have also engaged the partner in additional technology services and equipment, beyond the scope of the initial campaign. The client continues to engage TSR on an ongoing basis to deliver lead generation services across its entire sales organization.

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