Technology's role in sales success
When you represent sales solutions to your clients, you must represent the best of breed in your own organization. Perspective clients look to you to model "what's right" in technology today. Harnessing business intelligence and technology marketing can show them the way.
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The success of your business depends on making strong sales that drive revenue. But making the process work can be tough and time consuming.  Leads generated by marketing somehow fall through the cracks and are never followed up by the sales team. Not only are the sales lost, but marketing dollars wasted.  Leads are coming in from all kinds of sources but they are all stored in disconnected databases, so nobody is quite sure which campaign has generated the best results.  And it takes days to get a good picture of the sales forecast and even then, you can't be sure it's accurate. In examining the facts, statistics speak for themselves:

  • Trade show leads are never followed up on - 80%

  • Time average salesperson spends selling -  47%

  • Time salesperson spends on administrative work - 39%

  • Qualified telemarketing leads never followed up on - 40% 

TRACK on IT can help. Developed with the sales professional in mind, our web-based sales and marketing system tracks leads in real time throughout the sales cycle, from demand generation to lead closure. You can pinpoint where leads are quickly converting into revenue - and where they're not - to improve future decision-making.  The easy-to-use web-based application creates a consolidated knowledgebase of business intelligence accessible 24x7 to players across the enterprise, including call center reps and channel partners.  

Prompt Lead Follow-Up from Marketing to Closed Sales

TRACK on IT's unique technology helps you capture data from a variety of sources, including telemarketing, web forms, direct mail, event registrations and more.  Leads flow directly into the system in real time and are fully indexed for robust search capability.  As leads are entered, they can be automatically assigned to reps and partners, with email notifications to alert them to the new opportunity. As leads are followed up, a journal of sales activity is maintained for each opportunity, with areas for reps to provide valuable feedback, set callbacks and more.  Managers can track the progress of every lead and evaluate user activity, introducing increased accountability and transparency into the sales process. 

Tracking leads and opportunities is only part of the equation in a successful sales and marketing strategy.  These efforts mean little if you don't have the tools to measure the results.  By providing intuitive data mining and reporting tools, our system allows you to get quick snapshots in key areas.  Find out instantly which leads are being followed up (and which are not).  Determine which campaigns are generating the most qualified leads and closed sales to help pinpoint the most profitable programs. Generate a variety of custom and predefined reports, including sales forecasts, and email them to other team members. Download highly targeted mailing lists of decision-makers for seminars and direct mail campaigns. All the pieces of the puzzle are right at your fingertips - just point and click.

Cost Effective Solution

TRACK on IT is delivered via the internet through a subscription-based Application Service Provider (ASP) model. That means significant cost savings for you, since there is no need to invest in hardware, software or consultants.  All you need to use the system is a web browser.  Within days, you can have your own online sales and marketing system up and running; then you can start watching the sales roll in.

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