Technology's role in sales success
When you represent sales solutions to your clients, you must represent the best of breed in your own organization. Perspective clients look to you to model "what's right" in technology today. Harnessing business intelligence and technology marketing can show them the way.
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Looking for a virtual webmaster? We understand that not every firm can dedicate a staff member to updating and maintaining a web site. We also recognize that an effective web site is less a technology tool, but more of a communication and sales tool requiring an ongoing commitment to two-communication. 

TSR helps firms overcome their financial limitations and yet meet their marketing needs with a comprehensive outsourced virtual webmaster department. Our team includes the technical programmers for sophisticated sites, writers and artists to develop a custom branding supporting your ongoing campaigns. 

For firms simply interested in reducing staffing costs, TSR can assume a lifecycle website management role for less than you currently pay a full-time webmaster. We also offer a variety of "off-the-shelf" content management solutions designed to allow for simplified web publishing by your current staff without the need for expensive programmers.

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