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What Our Clients Say


gss infotech

TSRI’s Outsourced Marketing Management Service

TSRI’s outsourced marketing management service has worked out incredibly well for us.  After our director of marketing left the company, we struggled with finding a replacement who could hit the ground running with a strong marketing and technology background.  We ended up hiring a seasoned TSRI marketing resource at a monthly rate less than what we would be paying a full-time person with much less experience. With very little “runway,” she was able to execute targeted demand generation programs for our various technology solutions, which were paid for almost 100% by MDF she was able to secure from our IT partners. We’ve held 4 onsite events in the past 6 months which went off flawlessly and with attendance that far exceeded our expectations (as well as our historic results).  Our sales pipeline is invigorated, our sales reps are excited and our visibility in the marketplace has definitely been elevated as a result. It’s been a winning formula for us. expand testimonial

Lewis Needham
Sr. Vice President
GSS Infotech, North America Division Albany, NY

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POS Website that Pops (and scores big on Google)

I wanted to write this to express my gratitude for the excellent work you continue to provide our company.

So far, we’ve utilized your services to create a new brand identity for Comcash. Then, we started working on our presence online, first developing a brand new website and then going through a significant enhancement to the re-launched site.

First, I want to commend your team for your professionalism. I am not a great content person but by default I end up playing that role in our company. You are able to take my rudimentary content and turn it into web content that really “pops.” Secondly, your designers are the best I’ve worked with. They understand color gradients, flash and page layout and I’m thoroughly satisfied with their output.

Since we have launched our new site we have been attracting larger potential customers, which was one of our goals in doing the project. I now believe that we have the best looking site in comparison to our competitors and I deem this a strategic advantage. expand testimonial

We will continue to come to you for all our web work and we look forward to doing other marketing projects in the coming months.

Richard Stack
Comcash, Inc.

P.S. I googled Retail POS, CA, recently and we came up #2 in the results! We never even got on the first page with our old site. I don’t know what you did, but it’s great!

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Easy to Navigate and Clients are Noticing

…We “love” our website and have already received several responses from our customers saying they really like it. They say it’s easy to navigate and find information. Everyone has been wonderful to work with and I know it’s not easy to implement a whole new website. Thank you again to your team for the great effort and I look forward to working with everyone in the future!expand testimonial

Dinah Dean
Marketing Coordinator
RMM Solutions

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Great Sales Training Results

The entire TSRI experience has been very valuable for us. The sales training was immediately effective in increasing our pipeline and caused our sales team to be more cohesive and proactive in their efforts. We especially found useful the opportunity as a team to role play the most effective approach before going into the appointments. We look forward to a long and profitable relationship with TSRI.expand testimonial

Carl Zuhl
Director of Sales & Marketing
Stu Sweet-General Manager

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Not Just More Leads; Better Qualified Leads

Automated Office Products is very happy with the marketing services that we are receiving from TSRI. We have received more leads, better qualified leads and leads into higher caliber organizations than any other marketing company we have used in the past.We look forward to another campaign with TSRI and expect the same excellent results. expand testimonial

Bill Anderson
Automated Office Products

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Competent, Professional and Dedicated to Your Success

As an HP Graphics Elite Partner, we are always looking for new ways to promote our wide-format product and service offerings and to reach a larger customer base. TSRI has been a valued partner in helping us achieve this goal.

While many firms can provide similar services, TSRI is unique in that it has the resources to handle every aspect of a project. Whether we need to purchase a list, set-up telemarketing services, secure a writer, etc., they have professionals on staff who are uniquely qualified to address the project at hand.expand testimonial

Recently, we utilized MDF funds to have TSRI prepare two customer success stories focused on the sales and service capabilities we can provide large, multi-location firms with strict service requirements. We selected two high profile firms that our target audience would recognize and shared our goals for the project with the TSRI marketing team. From previous experience writing similar stories, we expected to go through multiple drafts as many writers are not familiar with our industry and don’t always capture the picture we want to present. However, this was not the case with TSRI. Following our initial meeting, they contacted the two clients, gathered the quotes and information needed and prepared a first draft that required very minor modifications. Once approved, the TSRI staff prepared a professional design and layout with photos that could either be printed or used in a digital format for a variety of applications.

It was wonderful to be able to turn these stories around so quickly as they are extremely beneficial to share in customer meetings and include with equipment proposals, etc. They say there is no better referral than word of mouth and in our experience this is true. The stories TSRI prepared for us have been instrumental in helping us land several large accounts.

In closing, I highly recommend TSRI to any firm looking for a marketing partner who can provide complete project management and will take a vested interest in helping them grow their business. The TSRI staff is competent, professional and dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Lori Gandelman
Marketing Coordinator
California Surveying & Drafting Supply
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Website Reflects Quality, Professionalism and Sophistication

Bedrock hired TSRI to revamp our website and online strategy earlier this year, and I believe it to be the single most important marketing decision we made all year. As one of the fastest growing VARs in the U.S., Bedrock needed a whole new way of using our site to attract prospects, as our current site was nothing more than a “place-holder”. TSRI designed a customized site that was built around our vision, creating a web presence that allowed us to implement some of our goals of online advertising and search-engine optimization. expand testimonial

I was most impressed with TSRI’s responsiveness and attention to detail. Time and time again, we would change little pieces of information, scrap full pages or redesign layouts and TSRI would turn these requests around in the most timely manner possible. Their creativity and ability to aid us in design and content, really made it easy on our company as well. Designing a website and online presence is a full-time job, one that would have been near impossible for us to complete on our own. We needed the full dedication from TSRI to even think about completing this project. The TSRI team built us a beautiful site, and we truly believe that we would not have gotten the level of quality, professionalism and sophistication without them. I would recommend TSRI with the highest praise to any company looking to improve their online strategy as I believe them to be extremely creative, flexible and responsive to customer needs.

Mark Boyich
Business Development Manager
Bedrock Technology Partners

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Impressed from the Start

The results (of the campaign that we are doing with TSRI) have vastly exceeded my expectations. To date the TSRI telesales team has booked 5 appointments with very qualified organizations who all perfectly match our target client profile. I just wanted to give you this early but very positive feedback!expand testimonial

Alan Bauman

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enterprise systems group

Low Expectations based on Experience with other Demand Gen companies

Prior to using TSRI, we had had no solid results with other demand generation companies. We had low expectations from the campaign with TRSI and were absolutely satisfied and pleased with the quality of leads that we received – more than twice the leads we were expecting. The prospect’s environmental information was spot-on; and, we had $758000.00 in pipeline in less than 6 weeks. I am personally recommending TSRI marketing services to the other division within my company.expand testimonial

Jake Vande Hey
Director of Marketing
Enterprise Systems Group

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“Best Choice” within the HP Marketing Subsidy Center

I have just started working with TSRI to utilize my HP Marketing Subsidy Center funds and feel that they are a premier vendor and by far one of the best choices that HP has brought to the program. They provide me with high-quality options for spending my funds and do not disappoint – their quality is terrific. I look forward to a continued relationship with them.expand testimonial

Duke Burge
President and Founder
Computer Solutions, Inc.

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Value and Service “Exceptional”

As a small business, we tend to underestimate the need to invest in marketing, as we are always most concerned with servicing our clients’ needs and therefore concentrate our spending in that area. But we began to realize that our presence on the internet needed to be addressed.

The challenge posed to the team at TSRI was how to modernize our website to better inform clients and prospective clients about solutions that can minimize their IT costs in such a way that does not “break the bank”. We challenged TSRI to approach this website project with the same philosophy. We realized that we could have the work done at a lower price, but we were not willing to gamble with quality or the efficiency with which the project was completed.The website development team members at TSRI are true experts in the field; they also bring to the table deep experience in the IT sector. Their project management team demonstrated remarkable patience in walking us through the process, further patience in educating us in the incredibly complex world of search engine optimization and their attention to detail was a key differentiator in the process.expand testimonial

I have been through this experience in the past and would highly recommend the team at TSRI for a website refresh or initial build no matter the scope and/or detail. The value is exceptional and the service matches the value.

Allan M. LaPrino
Advanced Office Systems, Inc.

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Great Results from Demand Generation Campaigns

TSRI has provided us with approximately 50 qualified leads over the past two months. We have followed up with “phone appointments” and have made two in person appointments. As a result of TSRI’s efforts we have generated two sales of $8,000 and $45,000. In addition, we have added an additional $30,000 to our pipeline. The information that they have obtained is useful and we are confident that we will be having additional sales in the future.expand testimonial

Deborah Smith
Vanguard Computers Inc. /CompURent

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Case Studies are Great Tools

We have found our case studies have been excellent marketing pieces for us. I have taken them to seminars and conferences and many people were very interested in them. I think these case studies are great reference tools for both current and potential customers to demonstrate the success we are having with HP solutions. We would definitely recommend TSRI services to other partners.expand testimonial

Bryan Bulthaup
Technology Advisor
ESI Technology Advisors

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mra international

TSRI scores a “10 out of 10”

“Having not had great success with other lead generation companies in the past, we were thrilled with the experience of working with TSRI. Not only did the results greatly exceed expectations (10 strong qualified leads in a difficult economic environment within the public sector market), the TSRI team was just fantastic to work with. Their “down to earth” style is coupled with a thoroughness and attention to detail that is so important in campaigns like these. We give them a “10 out of 10″ and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for any IT sales or marketing related work.” expand testimonial

Jim Rutt, Account Mgr./Outside Sales
Eric Bodo, Marketing Manager
MRA International, Inc.

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Simple and Precise: the Way it Should Be

The whole testimonial process in working with TSRI can be summed up in one word: Simple. That is so important when you are asking your clients to help you complete a case study. You don’t want to add to their workload, but make it as easy and time-sensitive as possible. That is exactly what TSRI did for our client participating in the case study as well as the Matrix Integration team members. The whole process was explained to us and our client very well and it was executed precisely – again with little to no pain to us or our client. You can consider Matrix Integration a very satisfied customer and we look forward to working with TSRI more in the future.expand testimonial

Becky Schneider
Matrix Integration

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Far Beyond Just Great Design

TSRI’s website development team goes far beyond just making a site that is graphically appealing. They really helped us gain a much better perspective on how we should be “positioning” ourselves online and how to best present our unique company story. We were actually working with another company on developing a new site when I learned of TSRI’s website development services, but we were not at all happy with the progress that was being made. TSRI blew us away with a dynamic design, intelligent layout and navigation, as well as insight into key factors that could help us be found better with search engines. We couldn’t have been more pleased.expand testimonial

Joyce Nelson
pcAge, Inc.

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From One Page Web Presence to a World Class Site

The team from TSRI demonstrated professionalism and patience in transforming a one-page web presence into an industry leading, world class web site that meets the needs of our business clients, vendor partners and our staff. A job well done!!expand testimonial

Steven Sharpe
President & CEO,
Members IT Group

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infinity technology

TSRI Made it Easy

OI was extremely impressed with TSRI’s video production team. They made the process very smooth, and were excellent at coaching me in the studio, even though I had a good amount of experience in public speaking. The final presentation was of outstanding quality and I’m very proud to have it as a central part of our marketing efforts.expand testimonial

Karen Sroda
Human Resources Manager
Infinity Technology, Inc.

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infinity technology

I’m Extremely Impressed

Our company used TSRI for an HP postcard promotion and was very pleased! It was a pleasure working with their team. New to marketing, I thought it might be a bit daunting to work with a professional firm, uncertain about what it would involve from me. TSRI made it easy; the team gathered basic information and turned it into a relevant and good-looking marketing piece. They stepped me through the entire process, offered suggestions, educated me, and kept me on task with deadlines. It was simple and I recommend anyone looking to do a marketing campaign to partner with TSRI. (And, the postcard is huge – you get a high quality card that you can present a really nice message.)

Rick Kreiser
Carney’s Business Technology Center