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The TSRI Model: Yielding More Efficiencies and More Appointments

Our work in lead nurturing and closed loop services has revealed some interesting facts about the cost per appointment based on the source of the lead.

Starting with a “cold” list of potential leads (gathered from third party list services), the average cost per qualified appointment using TSRI’s closed loop services is $560 (compared to the appointment cost of $750 – $850 for companies who charge in this manner). Those numbers get even more impressive as the “quality” of the lead improves. For leads that are sourced from a manufacturer’s partner portal, the cost per appointment drops to $409. Following up on registered event attendees who ended up being “no shows,” as well as leads that are generated from a Demand Generation campaign that did not materialize initially, perform even better ($302 and $180 per appointment, respectively).

But the best lead conversion ratio (and therefore the lowest cost) is for contacts collected during a trade show or industry event. Since these leads tend to be more primed for purchase (having visited your booth and/or had a one-on-one conversation with a company representative) and therefore convert most cost effectively. At $140 per appointment, that is almost six times more cost effective than the $850 price tag charged by typical appointment setting firms.

There is a strong message here to convey. Considering the fact that IT firms tend to devote a large cut of their annual marketing budget to trade shows and other events, and that based on our internal results, the subsequent leads can be converted in a cost effective manner, it only makes sense to consider a formal outsourced lead follow up program after each event you attend.

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