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TrackonIT®: New Feature to Better “Close the Loop” on Leads

TSRI is not the kind of company that is content resting on its laurels. Instead, we continually try to come up with new innovative sales and marketing solutions, and ways to enhance our clients’ experience and satisfaction with our services.

We’ve recently made an enhancement to TrackonIT®, our cloud-based lead management system, which collects and reports the results of all our telesales campaigns.

It’s called the Automated ROI Monitoring and Reporting feature. In the past, clients received immediate notification when an appointment was secured as part of a TSRI telesales campaign. The appointment would then be assigned by the client to a specific sales rep within their company and any correspondence after the appointment was at the discretion of the client. With this new Automated ROI Monitoring and Reporting feature, the assigned sales rep’s contact information is noted in the TrackonIT campaign file along with the date of the pending appointment. Within a pre-determined window of time for an assigned appointment (i.e., 1 – 2 days), TrackonIT® automatically releases a query to a sales rep to collect information about the meeting, such as the estimated sales pipeline, timetable for decision making and next steps.

These post-appointment follow-up emails are fully customized for the client, including who is copied on the response, what happens if no response is received within a given period of time, etc.

This added feature greatly enhances ROI tracking and automates the follow-up process so sales management can better monitor campaign results on an appointment by appointment basis. It also creates a single source of information about all leads generated through TSRI campaigns that can be imported to a client’s own internal CRM system.

For more information, or a complete demonstration of TrackonIT®, please contact us today.