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Trade Show/Event Lead Follow-up:
A Case Study

Since 2006, TSRI has built a successful partnership with a global technology leader which offers integrated information and communications technology solutions and services to nearly 7,000 corporate and public sector customers. This long-standing relationship includes demand generation, audience acquisition and lead nurturing services to support the in-house sales/marketing efforts. In addition, TSRI also handles 80% of the company’s manufacturer portal leads for follow up, appointment setting and closed loop lead management services.

Campaign Overview

The company launched a server consolidation road show which invited new and existing clients to an informative half-day “Crisis to Cash” seminar focused on data center virtualization in economically challenging times. The program was well attended but still had a list of “no shows” that required follow-up. The client contracted with TSRI to implement and execute an event follow-up campaign directed at the key “no shows.”

Using a list of approximately 270 prospects supplied by the company, TSRI conducted an 800 dial campaign with the goal of establishing at least 16 face-to-face appointments for its sales representatives.

One particular qualified lead was the IT director of a 1,000 bed, eight hospital, Georgia health care system. The health care system utilized between 200 and 250 x86 servers but had no shared storage and had reached their limitations in terms of power usage. The company recommended a server virtualization program and was awarded the $1 million contract. In addition, they soon learned that the organization was also considering a major installation of a system-wide EPIC application which would allow for secure sharing of medical records among hospital personnel, affiliated physician practices as well as patients themselves. As the virtualization project came to fruition, the company was able to bid on and subsequently obtain the EPIC software application project as well. Within the first 12 months, the first phase business has topped $1 million, with a potential for an estimated $3 million in incremental sales anticipated as the EPIC project continues.

By the Numbers

Campaign Metrics:

  • list of 270 contacts supplied by partner
  • 800 dial campaign
  • Campaign Cost: $5,000
  • Campaign Goal: 16 appointments

Campaign Results:

  • Appointments Generated: 46
  • Reported Closed Business: Over $1 million
  • Additional Estimated Pipeline: $3,000,000+

TSRI Trade Show Follow-up Program Overview