Sales competency development
Looking for the cream of the crop sales professionals? Sometimes, they can be sitting right under your nose. TSR offers a wide array of sales training programs to give your existing sales force the development and management skills they need to be successful.
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Introduction to Process Selling & Role Play
Telephone Sales Skills - New Client Development
Selling Professional Services
Building the Salesperson Personal Action Plan
Enterprise Network Sales
Sales Certification and Product Launches
TSR Sales Academy
Certification and Sales Process Launch
TSR will develop a course certification program and end user capture probability key to help to measure the progress. Sales certification will comprise the following accomplishments by the salesperson:
  • Completion of a multiple-choice test and short-answer reviewing products and sales strategies, demonstrating knowledge of presented sales strategies
  • Presentation to their peers about sales approach on products/solutions, including review of benefit statements, client objections and successful strategies
  • Participation in weekly sales process with company's sales management team to review objectives and sales pipeline

During this workshop, sales professionals and support staff may be introduced to specific product introductions from hardware vendors and/or solution providers to familiarize them with the specific functions and benefits for use in the sales field. Participants will learn how changes to service and support will assist them in the development of more effective sales operations. Total workshop time is approximately 3 hours.

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