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Looking for the cream of the crop sales professionals? Sometimes, they can be sitting right under your nose. TSR offers a wide array of sales training programs to give your existing sales force the development and management skills they need to be successful.
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Selling Professional Services
Itís no secret that product-centric sales are a thing of the past for nearly all businesses. However, resellers that have introduced solution-based sales meet with much success. We are pleased to offer a solution that is not only easy for your technical team to implement, but will make a tremendous impact on your future sales opportunities.

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Identify and qualify potential clients who would greatly benefit from professional services;

  • Craft value statements that will make an impact with current and potential clients;

  • Better understand the methods of selling professional services;

  • Present this solution to non-technical decision makers; and,

  • Use sales process strategies to close the deal.

In addition to a comprehensive sales training session, your sales team can continue to complete a sales certification program in professional services. By completing a short answer examination, closing their first professional service deal and taking part in a best practices roundtable discussion, certification will ensure your sales champs are qualified to use this opportunity to the fullest. The course will be customized to address your firm's specific strengths, including such services as:

  • Network Assessment

  • Server Migration/Deployment

  • Help Desk Support and Network Management

  • Remote Management

  • Preventative Maintenance

Content will include details for prospecting and qualifying appropriate opportunities, as well as targeting ideal SMB verticals that can allow for incremental sales growth. Total workshop time is 4 hours.

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