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Transitioning from “Product-focused” to “Solution-focused” Selling


TSRI Professional Sales Training/Consulting ServicesJanuary, 2015: The paradigm shift from a product-oriented to a solution-oriented sales strategy is complete. Successful IT channel partners recognize that this shift has deep ramifications for their sales and marketing organizations, impacting their sales administration process, lead management, ROI forecasting, sales training programs and more.

Without a significant re-engineering of virtually every aspect of an operation, most resellers – a reported two-thirds – fail to make this critical transition. McKinsey and Company, renowned multi-national management consulting firm, specifically calls out the changes required in a sales reps’ skills and knowledge set, in its report, “Solution Selling: Is the Pain Worth the Gain?”

“Strong solutions sales people possess deep industry knowledge, develop partner-like relationships, and can articulate a solution’s value
relative to the customer’s next best alternative. Typically, less than a third of a product-oriented sales force can make the necessary transition.”

McKinsey and Company
Solution Selling: Is the Pain Worth the Gain?

As a demand generation firm that has worked with thousands of technology companies during this transitional period, TSRI has the background, knowledge and experience to assist IT companies – including channel partners, distributors and OEMs – in re-engineering their sales organization to reflect these new realities of the marketplace.

This includes working with senior sales management to assess the knowledge, skills and capabilities of existing sales personnel and developed customized sales training programs to help them transition to the longer sales cycle and other realities of solution selling.

In addition, TSRI has a strong reserve of channel marketing experts – from senior level to administrative support – who can be sourced on a project or retainer basis to develop and implement marketing campaigns to support the sales team.

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