TSRI Creates Arsenal of Complementary Marketing Tools for California IT Provider | TSRI

TSRI Creates Arsenal of Complementary Marketing Tools for California IT Provider

Headquartered in Campbell, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, Aplena Technology Solutions addresses IT needs for customers primarily throughout the Golden State and, most recently, into Colorado.

TSRI designed a trio of marketing material for Aplena, chiefly coordinating with Aplena’s Director of Professional Services, Steve Cook. When we asked him to tell us what he liked most about his new website, two-page customer profile and 25-slide Power Point presentation, he didn’t hesitate to reply.

“It’s all great reinforcement of our message,” he said. “We’re now able to tell the same Aplena story in a variety of different forms,” explained Cook, who relied on TSRI to articulate key product offerings and solutions.

“Prospective IT clients are just like any customers in that they need a lot of data in order to make informed buying decisions,” he said. “The new website provides a clear virtual tour of Aplena’s offerings. And the same high-tech feel, graphics and message are carried through into the briefer customer profile – Aplena in a nutshell – and into the Power Point presentation.”

“Our former website was not only outdated but, in a word ‘broken’ in that clients would still have to ask us to explain what we did even after viewing the site,” continued Cook. “TSRI was able to break down that technical jargon barrier and better formulate the message to show our customers how we position ourselves in the IT marketplace.”

Another key goal was to explain Aplena’s multi-faceted Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) managed services program as well as their data center relocation and installation offering. Aplena affirms that both services help differentiate them from other providers.

“A lot of customers still aren’t familiar with the DCIM term,” said Cook. “Now we can point these customers to one of our three new marketing tools for a clear synopsis to set the basis for later conversations.”

While the new site was only recently launched (May 2011) and the other tools similarly made available, Aplena is already seeing positive feedback.

“TSRI convinced us to obtain customer testimonials, which was a great theme to carry through from the website to the other material,” acknowledged Cook. “One of our featured customers even called to tell us they were very pleased to see themselves as part of our story.”

Cook said he couldn’t be happier with Aplena’s new relationship with TSRI. He’s confident these new marketing tools will help Aplena grow their business.

“TSRI were able to translate our key products offerings into laymen’s terms within attractive layouts so we can speak not just to the customer’s VP of IT but to their marketing manager. All levels of management can understand what we do and how we do it.”

“There are a lot of IT providers out there, but we’re different. And TSRI helped us convey that message,” he concluded.