Welcome to “In the Pipeline” | TSRI

Welcome to “In the Pipeline”

Could there be a more appropriate name for this newsletter? Here at TSRI, our team spends the entire business day (and often more) in our clients’ sales pipeline, identifying, nurturing and nudging leads towards the ultimate goal: closed business. We tap into a wide range of sales and marketing solutions as part of this effort – from telesales and other classic demand generation efforts, to event management, e-marketing programs and closed loop initiatives. Our mantra? Never let a qualified lead die on the vine.

Our experience over the past decade has allowed us to assemble a long list of “best practices” in the technology sales and marketing space. We leverage that experience every day in the projects and campaigns that we handle for our clients. But there is always more to share. And that is the purpose of this quarterly newsletter.

Look to “In the Pipeline” each quarter for current trends in technology sales/marketing, examples of campaigns that we have launched for various resellers across the country, and insightful articles about things you may want to consider as you refine your own marketing strategy.

As one of the top resources for sales and marketing support specifically designed for the ever-changing technology sector, TSRI remains committed to our clients’ continuing success. We hope you will view “In the Pipeline” as an extension of that commitment.

Comments and recommendations for future topics are always welcome.

Best regards,
Rick Meares
TSRI Managing Partner

Keith Mintzer
TSRI Managing Partner