What is an Appointment Worth? (And how much should it cost?) | TSRI

What is an Appointment Worth? (And how much should it cost?)

By Rick Meares, Managing Partner

In the world of sales, the word “lead” is often met with mixed emotions. The hungry, glass-is- half-full, let-me-at-it sales rep will see “lead” and translate it as “opportunity.” The glass-is-half-empty rep will see the same lead as a shot in the dark or the object of earnest effort that may end up going nowhere. But change that word to “appointment” and even the most jaded of sales reps get that spark of excitement, anticipating the chance to get in front of a prospect and start moving him/her down the sales pipeline.

It is in the great divide between a lead and an appointment where TSRI devotes much of its collective energy.

There are many external companies that can be hired to “set appointments” for your sales reps. Most charge for their services “by appointment” and those fees generally run between $750 and $850 an appointment. However, it is important to note here that most firms do not differentiate between an appointment and a qualified appointment, which generally means that the prospect is in a decision-making position and has the appropriate budget available to support a potential sale.

And since our fee schedule is based on a total number of dials against a prospect list (typically budgeted at 3 – 5 calls or emails per lead), our cost per appointment hinges greatly on the quality of the lead itself.