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Why An Ongoing Customer Feedback Program Makes Sense

  • Satisfied Customers are More Profitable Customers.  Satisfaction leads to loyalty, which increases your customer retention and thereby, your profit margin. 


  • Satisfied Customers are the Best (and Most Cost-Effective) Advertising.  “Word of Mouth” advertising from a satisfied customer is the strongest referral source for most businesses.


  • The Cost of Keeping a Customer is a Fraction of the Cost of Winning a New One.  Statistics show that maintaining a customer is only one-tenth the cost of acquiring a new one, which can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line.


  • You Never Know the Answers to the Questions You Don’t Ask.  Many companies discover a problem with customer satisfaction only when that customer goes elsewhere, and it’s too late to correct.


  • The More Customer-Facing Aspects of your Business, the More You Need to Know.  From your technicians, customer service reps and receptionist, to your accounting system, client service procedures and pricing model, you need to understand and appreciate the impact that each of these elements is having on your customer’s total experience and perception of your company.


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