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We've experienced a roller coaster effect in the technology sector over the past several years. But changes in the economy does not mean a company must expect reduced sales. Traditional and aggressive sales strategies to recruit and retain clientele makes all the difference.
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Learn how the following company benefited from TSR demand generation services. Check back soon for additional client case studies.

Client: Authorized HP Master-Level Reseller 
Solutions: Demand Generation & Telesales Services

What Our Client Said:

“TSR has become a valued partner in our sales solutions. Their understanding of our needs and the verticals helped to create a meaningful campaign that delivered significant results. They 
presented creative solutions and maintained excellent communication with our sales team. Our return on investment for this project has turned TSR from a short-term vendor into a 
long-term partner.?/i>

Business Objectives

This HP Master Level Reseller recognized a significant technology opportunity in the legal vertical. Mid to large-sized law firms create and store a high volume of documentation and resources for their clientele. Yet time is, in fact, a precious commodity of tremendous professional and personal value. There is little time for mistakes, especially those involving the loss of essential documents in the legal vertical. With so many critical documents being created and maintained by law firms, many attorneys have witnessed first hand the loss of critical data. Failure of such systems can result in lost staff time, productivity and money. How a firm stores and protects its data can mean the difference between profits and losses.

The data storage industry has undergone a drastic evolution. Solutions integrated even two years ago are significantly outdated when compared to today’s more effective options. As an emerging leader in storage area networks (SAN), the reseller recognized the technology need that exists among mid-sized law firms and, with a team experienced in the needs of this niche market, sought to acquire a market share in the northeast region. 

With the recent merger of Compaq and HP, they recognized a unique opportunity to expand their client base by creating incremental business opportunities in targeted verticals in which both platforms enjoy sizeable market recognition. Their objective was to qualify new opportunities for legal vertical SAN and network infrastructure solutions.


In developing this initiative, the reseller wanted to build a strong sales pipeline and quickly establish a visible presence in the legal vertical. They looked for a comprehensive sales and marketing solution that would allow their current sales team to maximize their time meeting with prospective clients. Beginning the engagement with a limited number of target prospects, they required research services to expand its demand base ?law firms and the appropriate contacts in those firms who approve technology initiatives. Additionally, the reseller also needed to develop collateral sales letters designed to target key decision-makers in law firms (managing partners and office managers), recognizing the limitations of technology literacy these individuals may posses.

TSR's Solution

Prospecting and qualifying are not simply part of the TSR plan - they lay the essential groundwork for a vibrant sales pipeline. Our team recognizes that our initial research and sales contact provide the foundation for relationships that lead to successful presentations and contracts.

Using the latest online database services, TSR researched and expanded the database of contacts for its outbound telesales campaign. After developing a targeted campaign proposal with the client, TSR’s team developed telesales scripts and follow-up collateral letters/e-mails to disseminate to target law firms. Correspondence was staggered in delivery to allow for immediate follow-up sales contact by TSR’s telesales team. 

Using a structured telesales environment, supported by staff knowledgeable with the legal vertical, outbound calls reached out to law firms in the New York metro region. Upon contact with influencers/decision-makers, TSR staff compiled critical information important to the sales pipeline, including the nature of potential projects and anticipated budget for future work.

Integrating with the resller’s existing web-enabled Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, TSR staff populated all information collected into the database for short and long-term use. Weekly meetings with the client’s sales team, designed to review qualified leads and their technology requirements, helped ensure smooth transitions from telesales to presentations. 

Our Results

Within the first sixty (60) days of engagement, TSR was successful in introducing more than $275,000 of qualified projects into the sales pipeline, representing a 3,000% return on their investment. Projects ranged from network upgrade projects valued at $15,000 up to an integration of the new HP SAN solution valued at $150,000. In addition, the reseller has created a thriving database of sales contacts and information to help identify future IT needs. The executive team was so pleased with TSR’s services and results, they more than doubled the length of engagement for TSR’s telesales services.

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