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Looking for the cream of the crop sales professionals? Sometimes, they can be sitting right under your nose. TSR offers a wide array of sales training programs to give your existing sales force the development and management skills they need to be successful.
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Telephone Sales Skills - New Client Development
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TSR Sales Academy

TSR offers a variety of original and custom developed workshops addressing all facets of the sales process, combining seminar sessions and even hands-on training where appropriate. Our goal is to provide real-life skills that can be applied to actual sales situations sales professionals experience.

TSR offers a series of courses, offered to companies as both live and web-enabled workshops. Courses can also be customized to complement the strengths of your staff, or assist with new objectives. TSR also develops custom series of courses, designed to promote “sales certification” among technology providers looking to enhance their overall sales image. Our trainers are experienced with sales needs for SMB and enterprise organizations in such verticals as healthcare, legal, education and financial markets. Such courses, ranging from half-day workshops to 2-3 day intensive sales academies, include:

TSR’s sales courses leave the theoretical material behind and instead focus on proven strategies that help make salespeople more productive and more effective. And, before the workshop, TSR reviews your company’s objectives, speaking with you and your sales team to determine the skills most desired and those most in need of improvement. Listed below are some of TSR’s most popular training programs and their objectives (more detailed workshop information may be found on the course pages):

  •  Intro to Process Selling - The workshop takes participants through the essential elements of prospecting, qualifying, presenting and closing, providing tips and suggestions to expedite the process and overcome client objections that can often interfere with completing deals (Half or Full Day Workshop)

  •  Selling Professional Services - Designed for sales teams accustomed to exclusively selling hardware, this workshop provides the techniques to present, bid and close deals for professional consulting services (Half or Full Day Workshop)

  •  New Client Development - In just one day, our Telephone Skills workshop teaches your inside sales staff how to effectively use the telephone to secure new opportunities with prospective customers (Half or Full Day Workshop)

  •  TSR Sales Academy - Designed for multiple full-day programs, TSR’s Academy takes participants through all facets of the sales process. The sessions blend practical skills, activities to reinforce the training and personal strategy sessions to help each salesperson achieve new and more challenging goals. (Two or Three Day Training Program)

Our sales competency building programs can culminate in an optional sales certification program. Such engagements help establish benchmarks for sales excellence among larger sales organizations, ensuring your field representatives have a firm grasp on the technology and the sales techniques necessary to meet objectives. 

Unlike many sales training firms, we do not hire professional trainers. Instead, experts in the field lead our courses. Our lead trainers have each built and managed $100 million+ annual sales organizations, and understand first-hand the needs of salespeople and sales managers. The techniques taught by TSR are practical, how-to steps your team can take to enhance their overall results


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