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New sales opportunities are the building blocks for a thriving and successful sales pipeline. It’s something that every sales manager can agree upon. However, convincing their sales team to prospect daily and generating success from such internal efforts can often be less than rewarding.
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TSR has developed a specialized telesales strategy successful at turning cold calls into closed deals. We provide you with pre-screened, qualified leads and contact appointment information, allowing your sales team to focus on making presentations and closing the deals. Our team collaborates with you to help develop the scripts and qualification criteria, as well as coordinate our reporting efforts to integrate with your firm's sales force automation system. Most importantly, your sales team focuses on closing deals…period.

TSR differs from the competition in that we do not hire traditional telemarketers. Telemarketers read from scripts and cannot fully engage prospects when on the phone. Telesales professionals differ in that they fully understand the products and the vertical so they can have a discussion with the contact. TSR's team includes individuals who have a firm knowledge of both technology as well as the targeted vertical in which they sell into. This difference adds credibility to our client firms, as well as increases the overall success rate, as we can quickly overcome initial client objections and concerns and focus their interest on the product/solution.

We employ a three-touch process to attempt contact with a prospect over a one-month period. We begin with an initial call, followed by an electronic mailing, and followed by another call attempt. We stagger call time attempts so as to try and reach the individual at a time most convenient to them.

Our telesales engagements typically fall into one of the three following categories, based upon client needs:

  • New Sales Campaigns
    TSR can launch new product or sales initiatives, allowing your salespeople to focus on presenting and closing.
  • Tradeshow Follow-Up
    You spend thousands of dollars to meet new faces. We follow-up your tradeshow leads to separate passers-by from genuine opportunities, allowing you to give the qualified prospects the attention they deserve.
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  • Research
    Tele-research and name finding services allow you to own, not rent, names of prospects. Companies conducting ongoing campaigns find this service cost-efficient and more accurate than list rentals.
  • Client Renewals
    Outbound contract extension campaigns help provided consistent revenue, as well as identify up-sale opportunities among existing clientele

What You Get With Our Services

  • An Understanding of Our Clients - we meet with our client and their sales teams to help identify niche technology sales opportunities for future sales efforts.
  • A Personal Campaign - our marketing team crafts a personalized telesales campaign, including a client overview, product summary and call script - all essential elements to make outbound demand generation campaigns successful
  • Qualified Prospect Lists - we work with your team to select a list of prospects that will generate a maximum result, providing you the best return for your investment. This can be accomplished through existing lists, third-party research lists or TSR custom-generated research
  • Client Review - we review the campaign with our client and, if desired, run test calls into the client to better understand their needs and desired talking points
  • And once the campaign begins - TSR continues to keep you in the loop with 72-hour and weekly calls to review the telesales campaign, identify strengths and weaknesses, and make changes as needed
  • Proven results - Time after time, TSR has demonstrated its results with short and long term campaigns, giving the client access to qualified and interested sales leads.

Our team is experienced in selling in the following verticals legal, financial services, education, health care and pharmaceuticals. Not only does our team collaborate with you to help develop the campaign collateral, scripts and qualification criteria, but we coordinate our reporting efforts using our custom lead tracking solution, TRACK on IT.

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